When you do routine activities, are you able to notice how much you are on autopilot? Or do you see how the mind is busy with its own thoughts while the body is engaged in some routine work?  Through the practice of concentration we are making the unconscious autopilot movements into  a conscious movement, with a conscious will behind the action

Let us look deeper into the practice of the week - concentration while eating food. Many of us have the habit of watching TV, talking on the phone, reading something or scrolling on our phone. While all these may feel like easy to multitask the end result is nothing gets done well. We also miss the richness of experience as we are scattered in multiple activities. Before one can develop multiple concentration, first one must have the capacity to concentrate on one thing well and do it wholeheartedly with all our attention.

Can you focus on every physical movement involved in the process of eating? Feel your body, the way you sit, the way your hands are moving. Relish and savour every morsel. Consciously concentrate on the process of chewing and swallowing.

Note down your observations when you eat like this.

How is your digestion? How do you feel?

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