Just like an athlete develops his muscles methodically by gradual training, the faculty of concentrated attention can be developed by a methodical training in such a way that concentration is obtained at will and on whatever subject or activity is chosen.

It is not enough to practice concentration as a separate activity, the gathered state must be brought into everyday activities. While engaging in work, one must become what one is doing and not remain a small person looking at himself doing it. It is through concentrated attention that one can do things quickly and one does them much better.

Instead of being in a state of tension or making a tremendous effort to silence the inner chatter, when you do it quite simply, naturally and without effort, automatically, what you want to see, learn or know remains in your consciousness and all the rest disappears miraculously; everything falls quiet in you, all your being becomes silent, your nerves are altogether soothed, your consciousness is wholly concentrated naturally, spontaneously.

Here is a 3 minute video on how to practice concentration

The practice of the week: Concentration while eating food

Let us bring the practice of concentration into routine activities. During this week, while eating food bring all your attention upon the experience of eating, nothing else. You need to avoid two things, first, don’t talk to people around, eat silently; second, don’t get carried away in your thoughts. Keep outward and inward silence. Focus on your sensory experience of seeing, touching, tasting and enjoying the aroma of the food. Whenever you find yourself distracted, bring back your attention to eating. Observe closely what it is to gather your consciousness and immerse in the experience.

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