So far we have seen the importance of concentration, what exactly it is and how to cultivate it.

It is not enough that once in a while you concentrate, eventually the whole being must arrive at a gathered state without any scattering of energies. Eventually, it will become your natural state and whenever your energies are scattered you will be able to bring them back into a gathered state.

The more concentrated you become the more efficient and effective you become in all that you do because the universe will pour back into you the energies that will accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

The more you concentrate on a goal the more it becomes clear and blossoms forth.

Here is a 4 minute video on advanced levels of concentration

The practice of the week: Concentrating on your goal for the week

Set a goal for yourself for this week, something that is within your reach and something that you always wanted to do. Keep this goal steadily in your awareness throughout the week. See how you can reach this goal, the practical steps of arriving at it. Take actual steps to accomplish your goal, reject all doubts and distractions that will divert yours from accomplishing your goal.

Make sure you accomplish what you set out to do.

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