How do you define yourself?

People generally define themselves by their profession, job or social titles, relationships, milestones, nationality, gender, etc. One can also define themselves by their principles or value systems, deep hurt, disappointments, regrets and even vengeance.

If you strip away all these descriptions, who are you? What differentiates you from me?

There is a radiant source inside each and every one of us. The love and delight it radiates has the potential to bring out the best, just like how the first rays of a new dawn can make flowers bloom into their most beautiful self.

You have your own inner Sun, in the inmost depths of your heart region. This Sun can energise, guide and be there with you all your life, if you make a conscious choice to connect to it.

There is a deep remembrance that reveals your individual purpose and meaning of your life. It lights up the path of your individual purpose.

There is a will to progress in your heart that drives you to live your purpose, live your truth. This fire has the ability to purge irrational fears, diabolical doubts and stubborn habits.

There is a flower in you, waiting to bloom and shower its natural, beautiful, joy on you. This delight of life is unparalleled.

This radiant source, inner Sun, deep remembrance, will-to-progress and flower are all references to a part of you known as the Psychic Being in Integral Psychology. This part resides in the subtle, inner chambers of your heart centre, waiting to be discovered.

The Psychic Being can be your friend and guide when you find yourself at crossroads in life. It is the seat of faith, devotion, surrender and deep gratitude. This sanctum sanctorum is a space of silence, calmness, delight and harmony.

The Psychic Being stands for what is true, good and beautiful. It can purify and integrate the other parts of your being (the mind, body, emotions and energy) so that they work together harmoniously towards your highest purpose, instead of fighting with one another for their individual dominance.

You Psychic Being is who you truly are. It is veiled beneath the surface, which is made up of the routine movements and natures of the mind, body, emotions, energy and senses.

Here is a short video on “Introduction to Psychic Being” by Divyanshi.

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