Last week we saw why sincerity is important, but what is it?

Sincerity means the absence of pretence, deceit or hypocrisy. It goes beyond honesty, requiring earnestness in all you say and feel. It is when there is perfect alignment between one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Sincerity is not concerned with satisfying others – it is driven by our need to be true to our deepest self. It is a key to the divine within.

We can carry many layers of deceit within ourselves, which means there can be many levels of sincerity to pass through. For example, you may believe you are undertaking your work from a place of genuine goodwill. But when you look deeply it could be that your diligence is motivated by ambition, fear or a need to be liked.

A sincere person is transparent. Their inner truth shines out from their eyes.  As with a perfect pane of glass their light is able to travel without distortion.

Here is a 6 minute video on “What is Sincerity?” by Shivakumar

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