This week on Monday, we started by observing the ocean. Today, let us all see how we can become like the ocean - vast, calm and unperturbed. We will be looking at practicing a three step process as this week’s practice.

For the next four days, no matter what situation or circumstance we are in, let us make a conscious attempt to ensure that we follow these steps to ensure that our response is refined and purified before the emotional energy flows out of our personal space.

Step 1: Step Back

Let us say there is a disagreement between you and the person in front of you and they say certain things that do not make sense and trigger the general of feelings of anger within you. At that very moment, we need to take a step back and disassociate ourselves from the situation. Make a conscious effort to avoid reacting to the person. By doing this, we have not let our emotions govern our reaction, rather giving space for the flow of the truth. At times, you cannot outwardly move out of the situation, but inwardly step back from the space of reaction, and as much as possible, respond from a space of non-reactiveness and a vaster inner poise.

Step 2: Observe

Next is to pragmatically consider the situation, in a manner that is not personal, but universal. This will help us look at the situation from various perspectives and eventually we will notice that the disagreement itself does not remain, as most of the time, we will have a view of where someone is coming from. Additionally, observe your reaction purely as an energetic formation and offer it to the highest within you, the light within you. Do not try to analyse or judge, simply observe and be aware. Awareness itself is the medicine you are looking for.

Step 3: Respond

Once we have observed in a settled state, and are aware of the overall picture, now is the time to respond. Respond from a space of an inner rest, a deeper understanding, a space of Love that includes the well-being of all, and a space that is able to see & perceive things not from the surface but from a deep inner poise that sees everyone in their higher potential. We will notice that the response generated is inclusive and will tend to lean towards finding a common path, tangentially away from what could turn into a conflict.

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