Basic Guidelines

  • 15-30 mins/day, morning preferably.
  • Read on one theme from
  • Everyone gets a chance to read, goes in a circle.
  • Cameras are ON for all.
  • Everyone but the person reading is on mute.
  • 5 minutes before the reading begins everyone lights a diya/prepares the space to receive.


  • Begin with a moment of silence
  • Read slowly, meditatively, loudly, clearly. Feel free to repeat a phrase if you wish. Read as if you are drinking, or you are being drunk, dissolved into the lines. With a silent mind, it is okay if you don't understand. Read a little, with a silent mind, the meaning will unveil itself.
  • Take a moment of silence
  • Everyone writes in their journals the quote as it is, in a good handwriting. This is for each one to stay with each word of the quote moment after moment. Sri Aurobindo's words are mantric, they have a light and a power, as one concentrates and gives oneself to His words, this light and consciousness can enter. Writing in good handwriting makes sure one is concentrated.
  • Take a moment of silence


  • Option 1: Journaling
  • Option 2: Painting


  • Contemplate on the quote in your journal. Contemplate, not analyse. Contemplate with a focus on "I" and "how". Example if the quote is "Joy comes when you take the right attitude", then contemplate on how can I take the right attitude, rather than what is right attitude in general.


  • Pick one phrase that touched you the most and paint the phrase while playing 5 mins long Mother's organ music. Don't try to imagine what you will paint. Just keep chanting the phrase from the quote that is attracting you, and slowly the imagery will being to unveil. Sometimes, it will just come as a colour, and you may not know what will you paint after putting that colour on paper. But take one step at a time & it will unveil.
  • Share your insight you had/your painting.
  • Contemplate on how can I carry this quote/phrase/insight through the day as a living presence. One/two people unmute & share