Auroville is...

The Cradle of the Superhuman, a place to delight in non-possessing creative abundance,

The aspiring soul of the Earth, the city of Dawn,

The Sacred soil of Purnam,

The body of a collective soul of humanity...

Auroville is not an organisation, it is not a city either - it is not a place, not a Mumbai or a Delhi, it is, by far, the only collective experiment on Earth, for Humanity to practice collective Integral yoga in all aspects of city-building with the foundation in no-ownership!

What a trust, faith it requires to take the leap, and be in this collective soup of humanity, in a world where humans hardly trust humans; here you trust the Divine - I will be taken care of - and you Derive your power through powerful service.

It is not the money you make for yourself, but what you generate for the collective, and experience the joy of being taken care, living in Her grace.
Here you see family not as biological, but as soul family.

A place, a shelter for the willing servitors of Divine Consciousness.

The most difficult part about Auroville is Organisation and Economy.

Ideas for the future are plenty and abound. It is the inner abundance and faith and a rooting in Maa that is required to be powerful and serve and yet be a steward, not an owner.

Even the greatest philanthropists of the world give through the wealth that they own, but what would mean to be rich and generous in a place that gives you abundant possibilities to earn, but by design and a willing service, forbids you from owning and possessing for oneself as an "owner" what you earn.

That's the biggest test of human nature.

How to be powerless and dispossess is easy.

How to be powerful, abundantly powerful, like a lion at work. How to be rich, abundantly able to create and generate wealth, and yet truly be a steward, a trustee of the wealth for Her Work.

To be a trustee is not being a fakir - who is neither able to flourish and live a life of full potential in action for oneself and all around him, nor able to protect and use and circulate the resources at his disposal for their right use. In fact, these are the two roles of a steward - live full potential and make right use of the resources at hand. This requires the Shakti, the fertility and the power of a Woman.

The line between the owner and the steward is thin, because the ego likes to claim credit and ownership and rights and grow for it's own sake and save for one's loved ones and biological family.

But does that mean biological family has no place?

No, it is not like that. But the law of inheritance and biological family is not paramount. It is subservient to a greater law. The law of service to Her work that's paramount, and within that each thing finds it's place.

Somehow for humans our personal biological family is dearer to us than our neighbour's family and their troubles more troublesome to us than that of seekers or the underprivileged in the world. We live a segmented and fragmented life. We choose blood over who really needs our presence, purely out of attachments.

Auroville is the only yogic experiment, that does not forbid you relationships, gives you full freedom to define them in your life... but let the core be in the inner discovery, and let each one work on oneself to move from attachment to True and Divine Love.

To be Her vessel, a non-attached love is the basis of giving each thing it's right place and enjoy being an instrument, a steward, a powerful steward of service and love and self-giving.

Auroville is this and so much more.

It is, like Maa says, an adventure and is not for the fragile. Like Sri Aurobindo says, it invites those with nerves of steel to redefine the destiny of the world.

The world is preparing for a big change, are you ready?

Welcome to the Future.

Happy Birthday, dearest Auroville, Maa's Dream and Our Dharma