What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a loving recognition of the Grace received from the Divine. It is a humble recognition of all that the Divine has done and is doing for you. It is the spontaneous feeling of obligation to the Divine, which makes you do your best to become less unworthy of what the Divine is doing for you.[1]

Why is Gratitude Needed?

Physically, materially, upon earth, it is in gratitude that one finds the source of the purest delight. [2]

There is no better cure for egoism than a happy gratefulness, hence gratitude is needed. [3]

Gratitude to the Divine helps during unfavourable times. With a true sense of gratitude for the Divine's infinite mercy, one would be saved from such dangers. [4]

It is only by giving ourselves entirely to the Divine in perfect trust and gratitude that the difficulties will be overcome. [5]

How is Gratitude Expressed?

There is nothing which gives you a joy equal to that of gratitude. One hears a bird sing, sees a lovely flower, looks at a little child, observes an act of generosity, reads a beautiful sentence, looks at the setting sun, no matter what, suddenly this comes upon you, this kind of emotion—indeed so deep, so intense—that the world manifests the Divine, that there is something behind the world which is the Divine. This emotion is the joy of gratitude.[6]

The best way to express one’s gratitude to the Divine is to feel simply happy. To always joyfully accept what is given to you by the Divine is the best expression of gratitude. [7]

To feel deeply, intensely and constantly a total gratitude towards the Divine is the best way to be happy and peaceful. And the only true way of expressing one’s gratitude to the Divine is to identify with Him. [8]

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Gratitude Compilation
This compilation from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo has been prepared by a student as part of her learning journey.