Jyoti and her friend had a conversation at a New Year's party.

"Jyoti, what is your New Year resolution for the coming year?"

Jyoti replied "To sing better".

"But you already sing so well and you have become famous."

Jyoti said “I love to sing and improving my singing adds more joy of purpose to my life.”

"That is great. Mine is to advance in my career. It's not as cool as yours but it is important for me."

"Cool or not doesn't depend on what you do, but on how deeply you feel it. An aspiration can bring the  will to progress towards perfection without any vested interest or egoistic calculation"

Dear one,

What do you aspire for?

Finding and following one's aspiration is an extremely rewarding process. Even the simplest or most mundane activities, when approached from the space of aspiration, can bring immense joy while doing the activities. One need not depend on or wait for completion or success (in terms of money or fame) to experience the joy of aspiration.

Aspiration empowers a person by giving the self-born will to progress on what they must do. By focusing on and consciously holding an aspiration, one can get some direction or wisdom on what should be done.

A steady and sincere aspiration has the potential to dissolve fear of not being able to achieve something.

Why Aspiration Matters? A 5-minute Video By Dr. Sampadananda Mishra

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