Have you ever felt lonely and distant from others? It may be that those close to you have different views on life, or maybe you argued with a friend. Often these differences can feel like something hard and permanent. This sense of separation can leave us feeling sad and unable to experience the joy and beauty in life.

Love is important because it has the power to overcome these differences. By opening us to the wider perspective pure love enables us to forget ourselves, our desires and our opinions. Our problems shrink and instead all that is beautiful in life is enriched. We are able to see our deep connection with others, regardless of whether they agree with us or not.

If you allow this love to grow, your troubles will cease to be a problem. Love can widen your heart and mind, enabling the hardness of what separates you from others to melt away. Pure love brings a sweetness and joy through oneness - a perfect union with everyone and everything in the universe.

Here is a 6 minutes video by Divyanshi on “Why Love Matters?”

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