Last week we saw why love is important, but what is it?

When we think of love it can bring to mind our close relationships with others, especially those we are romantically involved with. Whilst there may be elements of pure love in these relationships often they can be tainted by our passions, desires, needs and attachments. This is especially the case for romantic love. We can find ourselves making demands and bargains for the affection of others. We can become jealous, bitter and angry when our desires are not satisfied.

In contrast pure love gives itself and asks for nothing in return. It is the love we give unconditionally and unreservedly from within, rather than the love we receive.

Whilst we may experience love as a personal experience connecting us deeply to a few individuals, it is something far larger than that. Pure love is an intense, irresistible force that flows through us, calling us to discover our oneness with all other beings and the universe itself.

Here is a 4-minute video by Divyanshi on “What is Love?”

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