So far we have seen the importance of beauty, what it is and how to cultivate it. The following practices can bring a sense of beauty into your life.

Beauty in the physical environment

Spend a few minutes really looking at your bedroom. Notice what is there and how it is arranged.

Then make any changes needed to bring more order to your bedroom. Let yourself be guided by a sense of inner harmony. Once complete, notice how you feel.

Beauty in the body

Choose a daily action to focus on, such as taking a shower or drinking tea. When you undertake this action pay attention to how your body is moving.

Notice if any movements feel awkward and ungraceful. Explore whether you can experience a sense of harmony simply by changing your movement. Let go of any habits or judgments on how your body should be moving.

Here is a short 3 minute video on two micro-practices that you can begin right away to bring beauty in your everyday life

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