When you want to form a new habit, check where the push is coming from. Is it purely because you mentally know that it is good for you? Do you feel a resonance with the habit deep within you? If you do, you will feel joyful.

For example, ‘Singing makes me calmer, opens my heart and improves my connection with myself. I feel light and happy when I sing. Hence I want to practice it every day’ is better than ‘I want to practice singing regularly because someone told me to do so.’

On a Post-It Note, write down how you feel about the habit that you want to form. Paste it in the space where you want to do the activity and keep connecting to it.

This way discipline becomes a gateway to living every day joyfully.

Revisiting Practice of the Week:

On Monday Mail we saw how we can take inspiration to be more disciplined by understanding the impact of our habits and choices.

Make a poster or write a short article with bullet points on what you have learnt. Get creative and express your learnings in an interesting way! Display this creative representation of the reasons which inspire you to repeat a certain activity or establish a particular habit in a space where you perform the activity.

Taking the same example, if you decide to go vegan, list the positive impacts of going vegan, add some cute pictures or doodles of your favourite animals and stick this somewhere in your kitchen.

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