Through Concentration, you can enter into the inner worlds and realms of any and everything. After a point, the thing itself stop being what it is apparently seen as. What gets revealed is way beyond the nature of the thing itself. The Universe lies in each atom, and you begin to enter it. You can only enter it if you hold all your attention on that one atom. Not by studying all atoms on the surface & then trying to summate that knowledge that the Universe reveals itself. It reveals itself by going deep. To that extent, it does not even matter whether you are going deep within one atom or another atom, behind it is a Truth Universal.

Of course, there is a true unique essence to each thing as well too, but invariably no matter which atom you choose, through Concentration, you will experience stillness, silence and a truth vaster than the atom itself... And in fact, as you go deeper into it, you realise all that you need to know about everything that exists you can find through thoroughly fully wholeheartedly knowing this one little insignificant atom. This is not just because everything is connected to everything. It is because deep down everything is ONE. It is ONE being, one consciousness, one presence, one force. Within it, each thing is a unique joyful expression.

Allow that uniqueness to rapture you, but let its excitement not stop you from going deeper, and deeper, and deeper... For nothing less than the touch of God, the touch of the Divine, the touch of the Soul suffices the Heart. Allow the thing you choose to focus on make you go deeper and experience the world of the eternal and infinite.