Last week we saw that without concentration one cannot achieve anything. But what exactly is concentration?

Ordinarily, our consciousness is spread out everywhere, dispersed, running in this or that direction, after this subject and that object in multitude. Concentration means gathering of all the scattered movements of consciousness into a single point, place, object, thought, idea, condition, state or movement.

The nature of the mind is to jump from one thought to the next, fuelled by sensory inputs. When one concentrates properly, there is not a series of thoughts, but the mind is silently fixed on one object, name, idea, place etc.

At times concentration on several things simultaneously is indispensable. It is possible to develop the power of double concentration, triple concentration, multiple concentration. For example, in a situation where many things are unfolding and need to be recorded, the mind has a tendency to give importance to one and neglect the others or mark none perfectly. This can be remedied by regular practice.

Here is a 5 minute video on what concentration is

The practice of the week: Concentration on the inner flame

Last week you learnt how to practice tratak by focusing on a flame. Now let us go one step more. This time sit comfortably and close your eyes, imagine a steady flame deep in your heart. Try to feel the warmth of this flame in your heart. Keep all your attention gathered deep within your chest area, unwaveringly. Practice for ten minutes.

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