Think of a goal that you wanted to manifest. To achieve it, you wished to wake up an hour earlier from the next day and work towards it. When the alarm rang, one part of you convinced you to stay in bed for another five minutes, which soon became an hour. When you finally woke up, you felt disappointed with yourself for not waking up early and promised yourself that you will definitely do so going forward.

This is a familiar story for many of us. It happens because we have different parts of our being, which are generally not in agreement with one another. It is like a group of people who have different personalities, agendas and natures, competing to be the leader.

Discipline aids in moulding these parts so that they can work cohesively to facilitate manifesting the aspiration which is at the core of one’s being. By being disciplined we confirm in ourselves the truth of our inner being.

Discipline liberates us from being slaves to inertia, emotional reactivity and our monkey-minds. It allows the truth from within us to be expressed through these layers and helps us achieve our goals.

The Practice of the Week:

Set aside five minutes daily at a particular fixed time to clean your physical space. This can be making your bed in the morning or putting away your clothes neatly in the evening or cleaning the kitchen at night or tidying up your room or common space. It helps if the same or at least similar activity is performed every day at the same time. Stick to the exact time that you decide every day.

The Purpose of Discipline, a 3 Minute Video by Arul Dev

Understanding the purpose of discipline as bringing something to a present continuous state.

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