Dear friends,
Greetings from Auroville!

On the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s 148th birth anniversary, we are happy to launch The Integral Education Portal.

For those who are curious about the history of integral education here is an 18 minute video for you.

Email College, Our Newsletter

For lifelong students who wish to discover their souls and develop their faculties of mind, life and body, we are happy to share the Integral Education (IE) Portal’s newsletter, the Email College. For the next one year, every month we will be taking up a theme related to IE. [For those of you who are new to IE, spend 5 minutes reading the Why and What of IE.]

On the monthly IE theme, we will be sending you biweekly tiny-newsletters. Every Monday, you will receive Monday Mail consisting of an image, a short 150-200 words write up, and a small practice that you can practice during the week. Every thursday, you will receive Thursday Tidbits wherein we will share with you something extra - be it a quote of the week, a short interesting write up on the topic or just something special!

The flow of the week in each month would be from understanding the importance of the theme in week 1, understanding the what, of the theme in week 2, delving into the how of it week 3 onwards, giving you a glimpse of the tools and practices you can use to bring it in your daily life.

As a student of integral education, it is best to take up some of the practices that we share through the months and bring them in your life. And not just practice them during the month when the theme is active, but really let them carry forward to the next and the coming months, in a way that you find a natural integration between different themes in your life.

With this, we wish you all the best. We begin this journey with dedicating the month of August to Gratitude. Yes, Gratitude is the theme of this month and you will receive your first tiny-newsletter tomorrow on Gratitude at 8am! Make sure you check your spam folder and in case you have received it in spam, un-spam it.

If you have any questions, suggestions, contributions, please feel free to write to

With gratitude,

Integral Education Portal Team

Auroville Campus Initiative

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